Where to get urgent help

For urgent help:

If you are a young person in crisis:
  • Call Childline for free to speak to someone about what's happening and how you're feeling (0800 1111) Child bereavement Uk - logo.png
If you are a young adult in crisis:
  • Call the Samaritans free helpline. It's open 24 hours, 365 days a year (116 123) Samaritans Contacts lock up.jpg
If it's an emergency:
  • If you are in an emergency and there is a risk to life (that can be your own or another persons) call 999


Our mental health support phone line is operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is available to Black Country residents of all ages.

If you are experiencing increased distress or anxiety during these uncertain times, please don't suffer in silence, pick up the phone and speak to one of our specialist mental health professionals who will be able to support you.

Contact our 24-7 mental health support line which is available for Black Country residents of all ages -
please call 0800 008 6516 or text message 07860 025 281.

If you are already receiving support from our services please continue to maintain contact through your normal route.

You can also find other support and specific links for community learning disabilities group by clicking on this link.


  1. If you are you can reach out to an adult you trust such as a family member, teacher or community leader can be instantaneous and helpful support to help you navigate a crisis and getting help
  2. There are people who will listen, help and support you through this; it’s ok to ask for help.
  3. Just like stormy weather, strong feelings and urges will pass; it will not always feel this bad.
  4. Thoughts are just thoughts, we do not have to follow them. There are many other ways of managing other than harming yourself.